Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring fever....

So I feel my need for the spring thing coming on.. It all started with my vacum dying..
It died after almost exactly 10 years to the day.. we got it as a wedding gift..
the fact that I killed it by using it sideways on the stairs is neither here nor there... (whoops! I mean who knew?)
So what is a girl to do but go to Target of course...
I stood in that vacum aisle for eternity... vacums have gotten so much fancier..
I contemplated if the $400 Dyson was really worth it.. my decision..no it wasn't..
So a new fancier then my old one and only cost $80 vacum went into the cart...
What does that leave...ohhhh a little money to do some decor shopping..
Hey I saved myself $320 by not going with the Dyson.. I should be able to splurge a little right??

I found this cute green vase and then I saw the giraffe..both into the cart..
The giraffe was so cute, and if you remember since our trip to the park where we got to feed them, I have been seriously crushing on them.. So I think I have started something with this little guy.. there was a taller one I wanted too but I told myself to slow down and start with one... I played around with them a little on the shelf. I don't think I like those flowers..
I might get some big palms or something..what do you think?

then I found this really inexpensive glass jar and it was perfect for what I have been looking for to put the kids crayons in... not exactly a new concept in the craft/blog world but man does it really make a difference...keeps them so neat...
Oh and you can see that the kids put their favorite pencil sharpener from Paper Source that they got for Christmas right by their art supplies... They have so much fun with that thing..
I laugh so hard when I just randomly hear a pencil sharpening..
So it was a successful little Spring Update.. Tomorrow I will go into the cleaning part..

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