Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My baby boy...

mommy is having a hard time with the fact that her little boy is going to be 6 in a couple weeks...
his school did something really amazing though to make some great memories for all the mommies like me...
they hired this wonderful lady to come in and do silhouettes of all the Kindergartners..
so I just got Luke's back and oh my.. we can't stop staring at it.. it is so precious, there are no words to describe how it makes my heart so happy..
Kyle took this profile picture of Luke so that you could see how incredible of a job she did.. I mean it is him to a tee..
I also finally got around to getting a couple things framed for our bedroom..
I was just leaning them against the wall on the dresser to get an idea where I wanted everything to be hung on the wall, and then I kind of ended up liking them like that..
Now I can't decide..any opinions?


Jen Hooge said...

I do think they look great on the dresser...but...I think you'll be happier having them up on the wall, saving some space on your dresser.

.caroline armelle. said...

thanks for your nice comment!

if you'd like one of my preview pieces! let me know if you wanted earrings or necklace and which one and i can put them in my etsy shop for you or send you a paypal invoice. let me know!