Sunday, September 25, 2011

west elm copy cat..

I saw these shadow boxes in west elms catalog for $25-$35 bucks..
I loved how they used it for a jewlery box..
guess what I found at Home Goods... for $10 bucks.. you could say I was a bit excited..
it is a little bit bigger then the ones at West Elm but I still love it..
I just have my bracelet from Under A New Light in there now..
it is giving me a good excuse to go through my jewlery and pull out the things I really love and wear all the time to put in there....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

busy.. busy..

man I cant keep up lately.. between work, my school, the kids in first and third grade (lots of homework and projects X 2)..Hailie just started gymnastics, and then trying to cook, clean, craft..etc.. I am beat..
I need to exercise.. I have been living off sugar free red bulls and I have never drank energy drinks until just recently..

Anyways just wanted to check in..
We did have a bit of fun with some friends at the lake last Saturday..

 my kids have no fear....
 hailie was loving the knee board..
 and then there is this guy.. he makes me happy.. very happy.. we have lots of fun together...
his first time out on the lake ever trying water sports.. and he got it!
I do have some crafts and furniture revamps to show you..just haven't had time to take pics.. it is on my to do list..
have a great day..

Friday, September 2, 2011

and the giveaway winner is...


thank you to all of you who participated...
I hope you enjoy your new bracelet Nancy!
Just email me.. with your address and I will send it out..

Hope everyone has a good Labor Day Weekend!
I will be posting a dresser makeover for Hailie next week and a couple other fun things :)