Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a caterpillar story

So Grandma Mary Jo bought Luke a present when she went on her trip.. some modeling clay..

He really enjoyed playing with it..hours of entertainment..
Mommy says thank you Grandma Mary Jo!
Anyways.. he came up with quite a masterpiece!

He made a perfect caterpillar...

He was really proud of himself and I was too.. It was uncanny though how one of his favorite books is The Very Hungry Caterpillar..anybody see a similarity??

Pillowcase dress

So I saw this pillowcase dress tutorial on this fantastic blog called a room somewhere and thought it would be cute to make for Hailie.

It was fairly simple I went to this cute antique store by work and rummaged through their stacks of vintage pillowcases and low and behold I found one with butterflies on it..Perfect right..

The directions were very simple to follow and I think it came out okay.. Besides the fact that I shouldn't have cut so much of the pillowcase off before I sewed the ribbon casing, as I seem to forget how tall my daughter is and it turned out to be more of a tunic then a dress..Oh well she got lots of compliments at Preschool and that is all that matters right..hehe

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our baby is growing up...

Today was Hailie's first day of Preschool.. She insisted for the first picture that she held her new princess nap mat..

When I dropped her off she was pretty excited to be going to school with Luke, and like the perfect big brother that Luke is.. he did not let her down. I dropped them both off in the gym and immediately he took her by the hand and like a proud big brother announced to everyone that his little sister Hailie was here. He then proceeded to introduce her to all of his friends. She was a little hesitant as I was leaving, but Luke just looked at her and said "Come on Hailie Girl let's go play" and off they went...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Hailie!

It is hard to believe my little fashion princess is 3!! We celebrated her actual birthday night by going to dinner at Nick and Vitos with
Grandma Mary Jo.

Thanks for my art belt Grandma Mary Jo..

She found it necessary to open her mouth everytime she tried to cut, it was hilarious!

Then they came out and sang Happy Birthday to her and presented her and Luke with cookie sundaes..

She tried to finish both!

As we were driving home from the restaurant she was telling mommy what a nice birthday she had and I would have to agree!

We love puzzles!

After her special tea party, Luke and Hailie decided to tackle the Mermaid puzzle..
We're so proud!

A Tea Party To Remember

The decorations were in place and Hailie was anxiously awaiting her party guests...

Grandma Kathy did an AMAZING job on the cake!

But wait...there was one guest that was a suprise!!


and she came with lots of fun things for all of Hailie Girl's Guest to do!

Nails and makeup were done...

Cool Face Painting.... Necklaces were beaded...

Snow White then introduced the Prince and Princess of the party!

Then Hailie got to help Snow White crown the other prince and princesses
Snow White read one of Hailie's favorite princess books before it was time for...CAKE!!!
We all know how much Hailie loves being sung Happy Birthday to!
Look at that face!
Then it was time for Snow White to return to her castle

Good times were had by all!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun on the 4th!

The kids were excited to go to Papa and Grandma Kathy's for a Fourth of July BBQ....
The cousin's really enjoy spending time together..

Hailie loves her cousin!
Playing with Pinwheels and Ribbon Streamers waiting for Papa to finish those yummy hamburgers..

Uncle Clint showing his master ribbon skills... take note kids..


The kids had a blast bobbing for apples, it was hilarious watching them all try!

Colton was the first to get 'er done!

Luke's persistance finally paid off!Preston had success!Hailie eventually got hers too (with the help of her hands!!)

Sydnie decided bobbing for apples wasn't her thing!The evening ended with a water balloon fight and fireworks.. Here is Uncle Clint and Daddy helping devise a plan of attack.... In the end just about everyone was soaked!