Saturday, April 25, 2009

day exploring the phoenix childrens museum...

cool wall where the kids put their shoes..

Hailie really got into the grocery store area..

here we are in the restaurant and Hailie is serving us our salad..

Luke is taking our pizza order...and Hailie is the perfect waitress bringing it to our table..
washing windows...
inside the noodle forest..which I have to admit was a little Blair Witch Project for me..
good times though..

so on the way back from the museum I wanted to stop at Ikea to get a couple things
Kyle was giving me a hard time saying we didn't need to be spending money on those things right now.. I got all huffy and pouty with him and threw a little temper tantrum..
so when we got home Luke and him decided to color on our bedroom floor while I did some homework and blogged..
this is what Kyle drew me...
argument thing about my husband he always can make me laugh..

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arrow517 said...

My kids did not love that museum... I think they are getting too old for it. The ball rollers and car races were cool. They liked the Mesa Historical Museum better.