Monday, April 27, 2009

rock a bye baby

I have been itching to try my new Bernina sewing machine but I have just been so darn busy..
Hailie got this adorable cradle from where else PBK for her dolls for Christmas from Grandma Kathy and it still sat in her room naked..
time for a mommy and me project..
I had Hailie go into my fabric stash and pick out what she polka dots and butterfly's...
isn't she lovely? I am in love..this machine is soooo nice
ribbon that was on some gift bags that Grandma Kathy gave us..
while I was taking the above photo..Hailie disappeared and when she reappeared she had her princess camera and said she wanted to take a picture like mommy..
oh boy...what am I creating
here she is helping me "zew".. she presses the pedal for me and she does a really great job of going faster, slower, or stopping when I tell her to and she LOVES it..
here she is "fluffing" the bedding... I love all her little words and pronunciations of things..

Here is the finished cradle...
Then Hailie told me her babies needed to have a pillow..
geez those babies are high maintenance...
Voila.. one pillow!
Here she is rocking Lucy, she was so excited about the bedding she helped mommy make for her babies..
right after I took this photo she mentioned that she needed a blanket now..
mommy was tired so I told her we would do that project another day..
I was thinking about making a mini quilt.. we will see
Here are Lucy, Layla, and Lilly enjoying their cradle with their new comfy bedding...


GrandmaKathy said...

That is absolutely adorable! What a good little helper Hailie is. I hope she grows up to sew like Mommy. Good for you to have the patience to teach her!

nathalie said...

how cute!!!!! sweet dollies too!! my wee one has those too and she loves them sooooo much! great job on the bedding!!! i love it.