Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tree Hunting...

Off to find our Christmas Tree we went...The kids automatically start running towards a tree and yelling they found the one they wanted... I was happy that they found one so quickly and was just turning the corner to see what tree they picked... and then I see Luke pointing to it... I bust out laughing.. it was gigantic!!!! I couldn't even get the whole thing in the picture... I have no idea who has a house big enough to fit that ginormous of a tree in... We gently redirected them to more realistic options and they ended up happy with the one they picked.. Hailie didn't like when they were giving it a fresh cut though...
When we got home I gave the kids their baths while Kyle brought the tree in and it was so funny because they went running out into the living room to see the tree and Luke was so excited..
He threw his arms up and was like "OUR TREE!!!".. so cuteIt was way to late to decorate it so we just had them make little trees for the nativity scene out of the clippings and the tree stumps Hailie and I picked up at the tree place.. Love how they "watered" themThe next day we did a little decorating but poor Hailie got up in the middle of the night with the stomach flu.. so she wasn't really into it.. I felt really bad for her.. poor baby
She got up for a couple minutes to help Luke a bit but she was really clingy and just wasn't into it.. The tree was definetely bottom heavy.. hehe

And I Love how some of the ornaments were literally touching the ground hanging from the tree..
Kyle looked at me and mouthed we would fix later and I was like no that is part of the charm I want to leave them like that and he said, "geez thanks for making me feel like a jerk now for saying that"..

That night Hailie was a little better so we hung some of the ornaments that we saved for her to put on.. Especially her favorite princess one...

It turned out beautiful and such a reflection of the kids.. I really am not into the "themed" trees..
I prefer to hang ornaments on mine that the kids have made or picked out or are from Kyle and my childhood.. or that we have received from family and friends.. it creates such a loving and warm tree..

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