Monday, December 8, 2008

Last game of the season

Hard to believe the season is over already.. I felt like Luke really enjoyed his first soccer experience..

Telling coach to put him in because he just knew he was going to "score three goals this game"

Making sure everything is tucked in before he brings it...Look at that smile... taking a bad spill... mommy's reaction...He got right back up though and was in there trying to get the ball...
Hailie was really involoved in watching the game..can't you tell ...

Great season baby.. we are really proud of you!

Thanks for the amazing pictures Geoff!!! We all know how I feel about my camera... this weekend was jammed packed with activities.. I will post more later.. but the whole weekend I felt it was all I could do to stop from throwing my camera into a wall..

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GrandmaKathy said...

Great pictures! You really captured Luke's famous running technique! What a cute little boy!