Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Preparing for Baking Day...

Nothing major pot holders have just "expired" .. yes that is right, I said my pot holders are expired... You didn't know that..well either did I , but apparently they do because I was getting something out of the oven and I found my hand felt like it was burning... looked down..hmm pot holder is on the hand.. so after I throw the cookie sheet on the counter as fast as I can, I whip off my pot holder and sure enough..burnt hand... hence pot holder has expired..
I could just stop into Target, but last night I got my Anthropologie catalog and didn't have time to look at it, but now I am at work and it is on my mind..

Click to the Anthropolgie site...

There stuff is sooo cute... I love these..reasonably priced too..

Then I get sucked in... Oh some Christmas dish towels would be nice..

Next I stumble upon these measuring cups! Brought back memories... my sister and I use to have a red stacking doll just like this one... Do you remember Mel? Where is she mom?

And here are about the cutest measuring spoons I have seen... Hailie has a soft spot for giraffes since she use to always have her Sophie with her.. She would love to help mommy cook with these..

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