Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Very Rich Desserts...

and I don't mean by being too sweet...

I was looking for some yummy dessert recipes for the holidays and I stumbled upon Neiman Marcus's Gourmet Desserts...

I mean oh my goodness Gourmet is right....
A $150 carrot cake? Really?
Do people really buy these?

Carrot Cake

How about this pumpkin cheesecake..

Harvest Pumpkin Cheesecake

This cake is just over the top..

Zebra-Striped Handbag Cake

Some of them looked really really good though

Love the name on this one..

Big Daddy Chocolate Cake

and this looks delicious..

Love the presentation of these sorbets...

Six Fruit Sorbettos

Well that was fun.. think I will go eat one of Luke's Ding Dongs now... that is as close to gourmet it gets in my house...

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GrandmaKathy said...

The turtle cheesecake looks like it's almost worth it!