Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hanging out with their cousin...

Yes, it was hot enough that Luke ran around in the sprinklers after a dare from daddy to see if he could do it without getting wet... he lost the dare..
After a fun time at the park it was time for a Tinkerbell viewing party..
umm.. as long as it took for me to snap these couple pictures is how long Hailie and Sydnie lasted watching the movie... Kyle, Luke and I ended up watching it.. the girls played dress up.

So much for the weeks of anticipation Hailie had for that movie.. She even went as far as tearing out the advertisement from a magazine and taping it to her vanity so she could tell Tinkerbell that she loved her and couldn't wait to see her movie.. and so I thought for sure she would get into this one... nope..that girl just does not do movies..

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