Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still talking about shoes..but mommy edition

This fashion risk intrigues me..especially because it is about shoes...Okay picture a cute flirty black dress with say one black shoe..one silver... maybe...
Or am I wanting to try it just so I can have an excuse to buy two new pairs of shoes... hey, they both need to be exactly the same shoe, right?
I wonder what people's reaction would be.. I am thinking in Gilbert it would probably be "Hey, did you get dressed in the dark..do you know you have two different shoes on?"

Melissa..maybe in New York you could try it out and pull it off... A little more fashion forward there don't ya think..

I am still tempted though..

1 comment:

GrandmaKathy said...

Hey Sweetie,
Not to be mean but I don't call wearing mis-matched shoes "fashion forward"!