Thursday, October 30, 2008

Their Love of Art Preserved..

Luke and Hailie love to color and lately some of their drawings have been pretty impressive..
They have a habit of getting some tape and going around the house and helping mommy decorate by putting them up on a wall somewhere... so cute
I also have like every other mommy the ones that I especially love framed in their playroom
But when I stumbled across these ideas I was amazed... what a perfect gift for any mommy...

I have a couple of pieces of jewelry with either Luke and Hailies name or initials on them but when I saw this I fell in love... It is the Doodle Tag by Mommy Tags
Their site is so unique and inspiring.. they use silver that is recycled from film and all of the tags are made by work at home moms.

And to make it even more fabulous, when you purchase the Doodle Tag they even send you a rubber stamp with the artwork on it as well.. you can not beat that..
I also was blown away by this company called
They bring your child's drawings to life in the form of a pillow or doll..
I think they are the modern version of Gappetto bringing Pinocchio to life.

Look at some of these examples the have on their site...

Adorable right? I can imagine Luke and Hailie flipping out with excitement when they see that their drawings have been turned into a real life doll...

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