Tuesday, October 7, 2008

King Of The Pond

which is my son's school's version of Student Of The Week..

So we started off the week by making a collage of all of his favorite pictures of people he loves and things he enjoys to do... He was pretty excited that it was in the shape of an L and he got to put the foamie letters on it that he loves.. Then he had to bring in something that he likes and put a bunch of them in a guessing jar so his classmates could guess how many were in there... I had been dying to try these "edible crayons" that I saw someone post about on Tip Junkie so I went to the store and bought the supplies..
Pretzel Rods..Dipping White Chocolate and Food Coloring..

Luke had fun helping me dip each pretzel end in the chocolate.

Then Kyle helped me make labels that looked like the crayon wrappers and I found a clear Tupperware container at Walmart for $1.99 that looked like a crayon box

They turned out to be a hit and one of his favorite girl friends was the one who guessed the closest... so Luke told me she got to eat two crayons and everyone else got one!


GrandmaKathy said...

Everyone raved about the edible crayons! Luke brought some up for the office too but nobody wanted to eat them because they were too cute!

Jen Hooge said...

I am sooooo going to steal this idea! How cute is that!