Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Word to the Bird!

So Kyle called me the other day and said a bird had hit the front end of his truck while he was driving..
He said it hit the front end and then he didn't know what happened to it.
Poor Bird!
So he got home and went inside for awhile and when he came back out to leave again this is what he found!!

The bird had actually gotten stuck in his front grill and was still alive!!!!!

He said he went to go get some pliers to get the bird out of there and was dreading that he would find that the bird would be mangled and as he was seperating the grill and all of a sudden the bird flew out and away it went!!

That is one tough bird!

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NB Warrior said...

That is too funny!! We do live on the side of town where the 'suicide birds' live! Watch out!!