Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bad Mommy..Amazing Daddy

So I completely spaced/had no idea that today at Luke's school was Western Day..
Kyle drives Luke to school and when he is about to drop him off they spot the principle all decked out in Western Wear and immediately Luke loses it, as he remembers it is Western Day and they were suppose to dress up...
Instead of Kyle just dropping him off and apologizing for us not having him dress up and telling him to deal with it (which I have to admit, I would have done..hey, I am being honest here!)
He actually drives all the way home and comes up with a fantastic Western ensemble for Luke to wear..and then to boot (no pun intended) takes a picture and sends it to me at work!

Way to go Super Daddy!

UPDATE: So I just received an email from Grandma Kathy, as she just happens to work at the same school Luke is attending... and she just let me know:

so I wanted to tell you the rest of the story about Cowboy Luke. After Luke came in the building the photographer for our yearbook was taking pictures of some of the kids so she had Mr. Hallock (the principle)and Luke stand by each other and took a picture of them. So now because he was just a little bit late. . . he will be in the yearbook with Mr. Hallock! And another funny thing . . . since the horse was not allowed in the classroom he parked it by Grandma's desk and he brought my versace candy dish next to the horse so that he could "eat". Hilarious!

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