Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hailie's room is finished..

Thank you Grandma Mary Jo for buying such a beautiful new vanity for our little Hailie Girl..

So I found this butterfly wall art that I fell in love with for her room, at where else but PotteryBarn kids ... For only a mere $129.. Now don't get me wrong I LOVE Potterybarnkids but really..$129 for wall art? So I read the description and it said it was made with mixed media of watercolors and tissue.. I thought hmmm.. Maybe, just maybe I could duplicate that?

Well some of my water colors, tissue paper, modge podge, and a $6 canvas later this was the result... What do you think?? Close enough? Kyle was pretty impressed and thought it worthy to hang.. So here on her wall over the original canvas I did with scrapbook paper and her baby pictures hangs my version of the butterfly canvas.. Also, I saw this really cute idea about using a picture frame and some ribbon to use as a place to keep your child's hair clips. So I had the white frame and some muslin and cute ribbon that matched her room and Voila!I think it turned out pretty cute. Hailie really ended up liking her room so that made mommy happy.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Love, from Grandma Kathy
This whole blog is so adorable and so much fun!

Mary Jo said...

Hi Cara! This is really a nice idea and I know why Melissa loves it because now she can be a part of Luke and Hailie's adventures! I did see the opening photo but I didn't see the update of Hailie's beautiful room! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful things! I really loved Luke's first day of school tale too!
Love, Mom're so creative!

Geoff said...

Hey Cara,

The vanity looks lovely as does Hailie's whole room. I bet she is in her element with it.

I do love the blog, it is a wonderful creative outlet and it's so nice to see what you are all getting up to!