Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We pulled a fast one on you sis...

Erins husband flew my sister out here under the assumption that she was coming for a surprise party for Erin's birthday... but we lied... hehe

we were having a surprise bridal shower for her..

the surprised bride to be and Erin.. her maid of honor/best friend aka..sneaky party planner
the sweet spread...roxy doing her thing at the lingerie party...we framed one of Mel's cool wedding invites... the honeymoon money tree...

the raffle prizes.. Sprinkle cupcakes...

the takeaways....
bubblegum game.. man we have some talented relatives and friends..look at that newspaper dress..
the present opening... she got a lot of very cute lingerie.. one of her friends suggested a cute thing to do..when they go on their honeymoon to put each piece of lingerie in a box and set all the boxes out and then each night have Mike pick out a box and that is what she puts on for the night.. these young girls are getting good..

the ribbon bouquet.. Luke made her the paper heart to put on our present..he was mad he couldn't come, try explaining that one to a six year old, so he decided to make her something instead..
we did meet up with the kids for dinner after the shower and just look at how excited they were to see Auntie Melissa when we pulled up!

We love you Mel.. can't wait till the wedding!!


mandylifeboats said...

looks like a fun shower. what is the bubblegum game about?

Luke and Hailie Girl said...

The bubblegum game is where you have a list of questions that you have asked the brides groom to be before the shower..for example:
if he could burn one item of clothing in the brides closet what would it be.. and then the bride has to guess what he answered.. if she gets it wrong you give her a big piece of old school hubba bubba gum..depending on how many answers she gets wrong will determine how much gum she ends up having to chew.. it can get difficult to answer those questions with all that gum in your mouth..super funny and lots of fun to play.. we did it live so he could see what she answered but most people just have the list with the answers and the groom to be is not involved..
hope that explains it!