Saturday, May 9, 2009

birthday goodness..

came home yesterday from work and found this lovely in my bedroom!
the Ikea mirror I have been wanting... so excited.. just ignore me..

then was told to stay upstairs...
until the kids came running up to come and get me..
then I came down to find this...

so adorable.. a Barbie Princess party just for me!
(please don't look at those vertical blinds.. just look at my cute kids..I am in the process of working on getting rid of those god awful things..)

Kyle served us of my favorites
and then for my birthday dessert...
my most favoritest ever.. Paradise Bakery cookies this is the important part..
one chocolate chip cookie on top and one white chocolate macadamia nut cookie on the bottom with a ton of vanilla frosting inside..
oh yummy!!!!

then I got to open up my presents early... Sat is going to be a bit busy

I got a fancy waffle maker that I am super excited to try out..
a day at the spa.. and some super cool sunglasses..
that picture is from Luke's Mother's Day tea party that the school put on yesterday as well..
that was a tear jerker with all the kids singing and reciting poems and at the end bringing us roses and serving us refreshments..
so sweet of my little family to take such good care of mommy...


GrandmaKathy said...

Happy Birthday Cara! Looks like such a fun and sweet little party!

NB Warrior said...

Wow!! You made out like a bandit!! I hope you had an awesome weekend. See you tomorrow! ;o)