Saturday, May 2, 2009

package kicks off our week long celebration..

We got home from school/work to find a package waiting for us.. yippee..
Our crazy week of May has begun..Luke's 6th birthday, my birthday..and then Mother's Day..
Wow!!! What a haul!! Thanks Uncle Lance, Auntie Bonnie, and Nonie!You could have just sent him that card!! Hailie and him were obsessed with it..
it sang "we all live in a yellow submarine.. a yellow submarine..we all ..okay that song seriously is stuck in all our brains now!

He loved the find the pirate book, and he appreciated the clothes and money! Thank you..
So sweet to send Hailie some adorable clothes as well.. And I love my present too! I have always wanted a moleskines (I am addicted to the way it smells!)to be able to throw in my purse so that anytime something creative struck me I could jot it down or sketch it out...and I can't wait to read that book about creative women...

It's exhausting opening all those they are again with that dang card!

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