Friday, September 26, 2008

Que the music for scarred children for life

So I got one of my new Parenting magazines and I see this in it....
Are they serious?

You CAN protect your young child from germs in public places
You can't always avoid taking your child into public places where germs lurk - restrooms, medical facilities, mass transportation; even the handle of a grocery cart can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
gLovies® Disposable Sanitary Hand-Covers put a protective barrier between your child's hands and dirty surfaces. They're easy to use, fun to wear, and they can help keep your young child safe from germs.

Okay, I have been known to be a bit OCD on cleanliness and germs..especially in the beginning first mommy stages.. but fast forward two kids and five years later I have definitely relaxed in that area.. You are almost forced too, I mean kids get into everything and it is impossible to guard them from it..

I just imagine some poor little child walking into a public restroom when the mom whips these puppies out and puts them on..the stares, the whispers.. I mean what about boys here? We all know what they are touching when they pee.. Can you imagine the scarring for life with boys thinking they have to put on gloves before they go to the bathroom.. And then how do you take them off without you getting all nastified..with a piece of toilet paper in each hand slip them off their hands and then walk out of the stall and throw them in the trash before you wash your hands.. (I can only imagine the looks)

Then to take it to another level they actually tell you to put them on your children when they are riding in the grocery cart.. We already have grocery cart covers.. at least those are more protective,when you put these gloves on your child they are still exposed to the bare cart (gasp) I just picture said mom putting a grocery cart cover over the cart..putting child into cart and then slipping these puppies over their hands as well... People will part like the red sea thinking your child has some horrid illness( yet another scarred child for life)

Okay, I am done... think I will pass on this easy to use, fun to wear product.

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