Thursday, September 18, 2008

Makeup Chit Chat..

I am not a huge makeup wearer (Is that even a word? oh well it is my blog!)
I have a few staples that I feel like are a must for me though... I am the type that when I find a product that I like I usually stick with it forever..

I.D. Minerals Makeup is my go to for summer.. then I use a mineral liquid foundation for the winter months..
NARS Blush in orgasm is absolutely my favorite blush ever, it creates this natural glow... amazing Everything else..shadows,mascara, bronzers, highlighters..blah..blah..I play with sometimes depending on my mood, but I don't have any that I am addicted to. As far as lips go though I am a gloss girl all the way and I have a million!!

So this brings me to the point of the post... awhile back my mom and I went to a beauty event that was to showcase all the new beauty products coming out and they had famous makeup artists there doing makeovers and makeup fashion shows. It was a fun event but as I said before I am not a big makeup fanatic.. now shoes..that's a different story completely!
But one product that caught our attention was the Smashbox Photo Finish..

At that time it was brand new, so it didn't have the success and the cult following it does today..

I like the one with SPF 15 with Dermaxyl Complex. A makeup artist that does Jennifer Lopez was the one who sold me on it.. He even suggested to mix it with your foundation and then apply it to your face..instead of putting the photo finish on first and then your foundation.. when you mix them, he said it creates a smoother airbrush like effect. (his words..not mine..and hey since I don't have my own personal airbrusher following me around.. sounded good to me)
At $42 it is not cheap.. but it does last a long time, as a little goes a long way, and I do definetely notice a difference when I don't wear it...

So this leads me to the other day I was in Target (I know shocker) and I was wondering past the makeup section and on the end cap they had the new line of Jemma Kidd products.. I had heard some buzz about her in some of my fashion magazines so I stopped for a second to have a looksey...
One thing caught my eye.. The Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer ($24.00)
I seriously had just run out of my Photofinish (to the point the cap was off and I was using a Qtip to get every last drop!)and the packaging promises that the illuminating perfecting base and primer will brighten your skin resulting in a supermodel complexion..
Well then sign me up.. in the cart it went..

So I was anxious the next morning to try it. I opened up the package and squeezed a bit in my palm..the first thing I noticed is the smell..not pleasant... I was put off a bit, but decided to go for it.. It is not clear like the Photofinish, it is a nude color with a pearlized look to it. I mixed it with my foundation and applied it to my face. I have to say that after a couple days using it I really do like it. I got past the smell (I don't notice it after I put it on my face, just when it comes out of the tube) I feel like it gives me a bit of an extra glow that the Photofinish doesn't do..( I would have had to use highlighter) and I feel like it creates a smooth finish and fills in all the little lines nicely and by the end of the day it still looks pretty fresh..
Has anybody else tried any of her new products from Target?

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Stephanie said...

I haven't tried the Photofinish or similar product you talked about, but I do use the i.d. Minerals Makeup. I use it year round and love it! I'm not a makeup person at all, but this stuff is quick to reduce shine and even skin tone. The mineral veil is fabulous!!!