Friday, September 12, 2008

A Day In The Life Of Layla

So I decided to try making a Black Apple Doll using the tutorial on Martha Stewart's website..

Hailie anxiously sat and watched me make her, to help Hailie be patient we were trying to think of names for her new baby.. I asked her what she thought about Layla.. She loved it.. so now we have Layla as part of our family.
Kyle and I were actually thinking of that name for Hailie, as we both really loved it but I was worried... Luke and Layla.. too close to Luke and Leia (starwars) I couldn't get that out of my head... so Hailie it was

As soon as I finished, off Hailie went to sing and play with her.. Her look is priceless here.. when I went to take this picture .. she actually said "Mommy, please.. I am singing to Layla"Layla riding in the car with us..Layla on her way to Preschool..

After a long day of playing..


Natalie Jane said...

Oh my gosh that doll is adorable! You should totally sell those!

Jen Hooge said...

So, so, so cute! I like how you encourage Hailie to 'help'!