Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Easy Bake Oven Experience..

My baby girl loves to help me in the kitchen.. so it was no surprise that she received her very own kitchen for Christmas.. Then mommy and daddy bought her an Easy Bake Oven too..She was so excited about it, how could we not make it a family event... My how Easy Bake Ovens have changed since I was a little girl though..
We had to get the princess one of course.. and now you "bake" with ice..ummm okaySo in went the ice... the mix was stirred just so..and then in the little pans went, and of course who could forget the sprinkles on top...

She was so stinkin ADORABLE putting the pans in the oven..notice how she had to have the oven mitt on.. again we are "baking" with ice...

While the cakes were "baking" she was busily setting up the tea party..
Again, how precious is she with her oven mitt on while setting out the "very hot tea"

And a glorious tea party it was as there little cakes were gone in a matter of seconds with big brother proclaiming, "You are a good baker Hailie", and Hailie simply looking at him and stating, "I know"..

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