Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lately our house has been filled with Knights and Faries......

So we thought a trip to the Renaissance Festival would be fun....
This was our first time going so we weren't exactly sure what to expect
One of the main reasons we went was so Luke could see a joust..
He was really excited as we were waiting for the show to begin

I was more intrigued in watching this guy sell pretzels..

The joust was pretty entertaining..Luke loved it, but Hailie Girl wasn't so sure about it..
When we were leaving the jousting show I asked Hailie how she liked it and she kind of looked up at me weird like she was trying to think of something nice to say and then she said, "the ponies were pretty... "

so cute

Then Luke and Hailie got to experience their own joust!
a butterfly ride for Hailie..then a turkey leg for Luke completed our fun filled day at the Reniassance..

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Mary Jo said...

I'm glad to see Hailie was wearing her fairy wings! It looks like they had fun doing their own jousting too!