Sunday, January 17, 2010

scene straight out of "Pretty Woman " at Ann Taylor..

on a mission to go and get some new work clothes today..
Hailie and I decided to stop in Ann Taylor, as Ann Taylor Loft has always been good to me, so I thought I would give Ann Taylor a shot.. the clothes in the window were looking right up my alley..

walked in and the women in there right away were total snobs.. they looked Hailie and I up and down.. wt?
Hence the know the scene where Julia Roberts walks into the store with all the cash in her pockets looking for a nice dress and they are so rude to her..
that is exactly how they made us feel.. like we did not belong there, normally I would have walked out and said forget about it, but there clothes were super cute in there and they were having a pretty good sale... I just can't for the life of me figure out why they would act like that towards us...Hailie was being a perfect angel and we weren't exactly dressed like slobs and even if we were, there is no excuse for their attitude..

Anyways, I found 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, a dress and a belt.. (which with the belt, Hailie girl had to go run and get mommy a different size, because no one would help us in the dressing room)
Just as I was about to check out I walked past all the shoes and I saw these lovelies..quite possibly the most perfect pair of gray leather pumps I have ever seen, and they were so comfortable it was ridiculous..

the price tag wasn't too bad..$99 but they were having 40% of one item that was not on sale, so these could be my one item..
Up to the cash register we went with all the clothes and the shoes..
snob lady starts to ring everything up and when the shoes get scanned they come up $155.. I politely told the snob lady that they said they were $99 on the bottom of the shoe they had out..she rudely said, that was impossible as they just got these shoes in and the were $155.. I said to her again, the shoes say they are $99.. she said no they are $155.. I start to walk over to the shoes to get them to show her and she practically knocks Hailie and I down to get there before us like she is going to turn over the shoe and show us the $155 price tag to prove me wrong...but haha on her as she turns it over and doesn't say a word..and then I say, "they say $99 don't they", she looks really upset and says yes they do but this is wrong and rips the price off the bottom, and I said, "well I thought they were $99 as that is what the tag says, so are you going to honor that", she cringes and says yes, and then I say I would like the 40% taken off of the shoes as well please... I got those dang shoes for $54.. score for me.. I walked out of there with a lot of nice things.. but man what an experience... even Hailie was like what was their problem...

Ann need to work on your training in the customer service department.. no one should ever have to go through that while shopping at your stores... no matter what..

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Melissa said...

I can't believe that- all I can think of "was it closing time?"