Monday, January 5, 2009

So many activities..

20 bucks to the first person who can name what movie my title came from... hehe

Seriously though the last couple weeks have been insane..

My sister was in town from New York with her main man Mike and lots of craziness followed.. I have pictures though..oh yeah.. you know my amazing sis was on it..

First stop Prescott... and there is not a trip to Prescott that would be complete without a hunt for pine cones..

Lots of climbing involved...sometimes a little too high for nervous mommy Uncle Lance..
Looks like Luke won top prize for biggest ham in this photo shoot!
Shhhhh. Santa is coming....
nope it is Aunt Bonita and Aunt Jo getting the PARTY started...

Just us cousins hanging out and oh yeah..Mike(love my cousin Steph..poor husband was stuck with food poisioning.. so we had to give her lots of loving...)

Seriously Mike..were you planning on entering the biggest POSER contest?

The fabulous chef! Isn't she beautiful!! and single... (sorry nic..had to throw that in for you cousin..I mean seriously anyone that can cook like that still can't be single..)
Silly Mel.. love you

Nonie gave Hailie a chocolate cookie and it was fast friends from there...

I mean look how INTENSE their conversation got! (lol)
Uncle Mike showing Hailie Girl how it is done in the NYC

Luke loves his Auntie Melissa...Good times had by all...