Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Space..

Not the My Space you may be thinking I meant, but truly a little piece of the Master Retreat that will be all mine...
I decided that I wanted a little area to be able to do all of my projects at because currently I am doing them on the kitchen table and that is just not cutting it lately. I just hate having to set up and take down everything (especially my sewing machine!) so the quest to find the things I need to set up the area begins. I have been looking on Craig's List for that perfect little craft desk, and I think I found one. It is a black desk that matches everything else in our bedroom including the desk we already have in the Master Retreat that has our computer on it. Originally the woman was asking $300 for the desk and a bookcase but I somehow managed to get her down to $100 just for the desk... so I need to make my decision on that.. Then I was looking online for storage options and I found these from Jenna Rose I love them... Aren't they fantastic? I really like the brown and teal ones, but unfortunately I don't see them For Sale in their online store so I will be keeping my eye out for those.
I was thinking of talking Kyle into taking the doors off the smaller closet next to the area I want to set my desk up at and then organizing everything in there..we will see how he responds to that project! I will keep you updated on my progress.

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