Saturday, August 23, 2008

My own little fashion model...

Thinking about selling these skirts... Would you buy one for your little girl?
Hailie seems to think they are very fashionable..

I would offer them in this same natural cotton fabric but with different ribbons and either with the tulle or not..
Maybe open an Etsy store and see if any local children's boutiques would be interested..
Stay tuned...I am making several this weekend in different styles and will post.
Please leave a comment as I am curious to see what your thoughts are!


Mary Jo said...

oh the model is so cute! and the skirt is darling! I knew you had to have a girl for all your sewing genes to kick back in!!! I think Hailie Girl has a career ahead! Are those your glasses Cara that YOU are suppose to be wearing! love the model love the skirt!

Geoff said...

She really is so cute! Can't think where she gets her interest in shoes from :)

Gotta echo the previous comment, the skirt is really cute!

Anonymous said...

The skirt is adorable Cara. I think people would love them. Hailie looks so cute in the glasses and reading the Elle magazine. What have we started! Love, GrandmaKathy