Monday, December 3, 2012

this was a project to say the least..

I needed a table... ya know a big one that all 8 of us could sit at.. I was discussing this with J and was depressed that all that ones I was falling in love with were expensive.. like the potterybarn one I was obsessed with was $2400.. when he looked at it he got that look in his eye and was like "babe I can make that"..  he had a lot of reclaimed wood available to him and I knew he had fancy tools..
I was like seriously? Are we going to take on this project.. so we started looking on the Internet for DIY farm tables and I came across
So we followed their instructions.. kind of working with what we had as well...and making our own decisions along the way.. like our table is a bit bigger and I decided not to do the breadboards at the end..
There was a lot of working with this saw...
 and this one....

 and then there was an OBSCENE about of sanding..planing.. and more sanding..
(I did end up buying a belt sander)
We decided on the jacobean minwax stain and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
 2 weeks of constantly working on it and it was ready for Thanksgiving... I absolutely love how it turned out and everyone could not believe we made it.. I apparently suck at taking pictures of tables.. I could not get a good one.. but here it is.. we are currently using the Ikea chairs we already had, but I am planning on buying 8 new chairs.. I think I am going to do 6 wood ones and the two end chairs I want upholstered..

all in all the table cost us about $250 to make and part of that money was buying a belt sander to save my sanity. This table makes me happy... and it is a heavy sturdy table that will last us forever!

If you have any questions let me know...we also have been asked if we would be willing to make some for others and we are contemplating it.. if you live in the phx area and are interested let me know too and we can chat!

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Biscuits 'N Gravy said...

Seriously? That is amazing and a true family heirloom now that you can pass down the line. I love it!