Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Linhardt Studios... NY..

My brother in law Mike just had a gallery opening featuring a project that is very close to his heart..
The Uncle John Project..

Amazing, isn't it?
Below is a snipet from his website where you can go and purchase one of these amazing photos if you so desire...
Old Photographs fascinate people, whether they are buried in their Grandmother’s shoebox, clumped in a heap at a cluttered antique store, or framed on the wall of a museum. There is something universally appealing about seeing and touching proof of a time before your own existence.
Therefore, it’s not difficult to relate to my infatuation with the negatives, prints and albums that I discovered several years ago. The negatives of John Laux, inherited by my father (his nephew)
Here is where the college student with too much time on his hands comes in. The “Uncle John Project” began four years ago when I first shuffled through some old boxes to find a camera with film trapped inside. The developed images from that roll sparked an interest and the project began to take form.


Mikeysal said...

Thanks! You still have the Halie canvas up in her room?

Melissa said...

That is awesome props!
Thanks for the posting! The show was an amazing success!
Maybe if AZ is lucky it will make it there!

Mary Jo said...

wow! what talent!