Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exclusive Sneak Peek..

the gorgeous sister

all those awesome paper flowers from Peru for seating cards..
Here are the paper flowers I slaved over for months.. the center pieces turned out nice though

The cutest kids in the whole wedding if I do say so myself... wink.. wink

Mel was pretty lucky..her ladies were pretty smokin! Love your face Nic!

Mel and I looking into that silver sphere in Chicago... that thing is weird..
such an amazing couple..
there are no words to describe how perfect their wedding day was...


Dad said...

good job on the photos Cara

Melissa said...

Thanks for the cute story on us! And thank you for your help on the decorations!
More photos to come from my photographer! Those were the early release ones!

Margy said...

Cara-- you are so BEAUTIFUL! Love you! Great pictures:) Your sister had a fabulous wedding!