Wednesday, March 4, 2009


WOW.. the frustrations I have had this past week have been insane..
Bare with me...
Long Post..
Deep Breath...
Suppose to start an online class on March 16..
Have no idea on what process I am to follow as the last time I attended college was in 1997 ..
Advisor sends me Checklist to show classes that I need to enroll in online that are still open..
I find out my financial aid has not been awarded yet.. tells me she will hold class..
Call Financial Aid Department two weeks ago they tell me will push through my "package" and everything should be fine on Tuesday of last week... EVERY day since last week I have been calling and everyday I get a different answer.. then I find out today that in order to receive financial aid I have to enroll in TWO classes.. Umm would of been nice if someone told me this when I asked how many hours I had to take in order to receive financial aid, and the answer was "oh, you just have to take one".. I have yet to talk to ONE person at ASU that seems to know what the (bleep) is going on which blows my mind as they do this everyday as their JOB...
Still today am not sure what I am going to do as Advisor tells me not to sign up for class until financial aid goes through and Financial Aid Department tells me they will get back to me... and to go ahead and sign up for two classes..
Bridesmaid dresses:

I adore my sister and God Bless her for having wayyy to many Bridesmaids and trying to please them all.. a decision has FINALLY (after 2 months of searching and changing minds) been made.. it is the one on the left in this picture.. It is designed by Bari Jay and online there is a different price and color selection listed then the stores that carry the line are stating are poor sister has been trying to just track down a swatch color and price so we can get the dang things ordered and we get different answers every single time.. Even an email to Bari Jay comes back with a "Please contact a designated store to find out pricing and color selections"

Bari Jay that is what we have been trying to do and NO ONE seems to know, even though again this is their JOB...


What on earth do you get your husband for your ten year anniversary when you both agree no presents..

So I saw this cute tutorial for these pillow cases here.. so I thought since he sometimes uses this corny line on me it might be a cute little thing to do for him... Go to Joanne's buy the transfer paper for 6 bucks..go to Marshalls and get nice white pillowcases for 7 bucks.. okay doing good so far.. then I bring the transfer paper to work so I can print it out on our color printer at work..(I know I am not suppose to do this BUT Kyle and I don't own a printer and we barely just bought a new laptop.. I know give me a break) so put the paper in the printer hit print and the ***** paper gets stuck in the printer... and get this BREAKS the printer... great... don't tell anyone at work okay.. so I had to call the help desk and now they are sending someone out to bring a new part to fix the printer.. AHHH.. how am I going to explain this one..

Now I am just frickin going to make him brownies (his favorite) and a nice dinner tomorrow night...geez.. at least we have the kids staying over at Grandma's (Thanks Kathy!) for the weekend and have some nice things planned to do.

And then on top of all of this my entire family has come down with the crud.. coughing..fevers.. head and chest feel like they weigh a ton.. body aches..

I G I V E U P......


NB Warrior said...

LOL!!! I am soooo telling on you!!! ;o) Just KIDDING!!

Jen Hooge said...

Breathe, just breathe, big deep breaths. Seems like when you're down, the universe wants to push you out. Hang in there Sweetie, it will get better, I promise!