Thursday, March 26, 2009

big brothers advice to his little sister..

Hailie came home quite upset that a little boy was being mean to her by putting wood chips down her pants.
As she is telling the story Luke is paying close attention and when she finishes just as I am about to say something, Luke says, " Well Hailie when I went to your Preschool there was a boy there that was mean to me, so you want to know what I did, I just went on the playground and found a special diamond rock and gave it to him, and you know what, he was my friend then. So maybe you should go on the playground and find a special rock and give it to him and then he will be your friend instead of putting woodchips in your undewear."

well said son...

crazy how they are having conversations on their own now and don't need mommy as much..sniff...sniff..

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GrandmaKathy said...

That is so precious!