Monday, February 16, 2009

Dreams Shattered...
I have been looking for new bedding for awhile now..
and then it happened..I stumbled upon this bedding online..
it matched what I had envisioned exactly.. I was so excited..
It is from Eileen Fisher's bedding collection.. the quilt is their Cotton Voile Honeycomb Quilt in Clay...

It is perfection...Enter my bad luck..
I clicked on the link to purchase my fluffy..heavenly bedding and
it appeared that the items were no longer available.. no...please no...
Okay, stay calm.. quick Google search will come up with something...nope..
Okay..relax..quick ebay search for sure will bring me my bedding..nada..
Went to Eileen Fisher online and emailed their customer service..surely someone can help..
Received email stating they extensively researched the system and my bedding is no longer available..but offered a glimmer of hope listing 4 outlet stores that may have it in their store..
Biting my lip.. phone ringing..
first store..incredibly sorry..but no..
Why?? Why me?? Geez...
So sad.. unless someone comes up with a miracle..guess I am back to square one..

I love this lamp..side table and blue glass as well..would have looked so nice with my new bedding.. SIGH....

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