Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Love With

I remember the first time I visited my sister in Chicago, a long..long.. time ago (before her move to New York) she told me I had to visit this one store that she KNEW I was going to love..and boy was she right.. I have been hooked ever since on Paper Source...

I got their new catalog in the mail and I am definitely putting these items in my shopping cart and hitting the purchase button..

Last year I gave these super cute Letter Press Desk Calendars out to some of my family members and they loved them..this year I am buying one for myself..don't you think it would look cute laid out like this and pinned to a corkboard. I want to hang it on the wall my computer desk is facing.

I also am getting this Robot Dog Pencil Sharpener for Luke as a Christmas Present.. I just know he will love it and it will be nice with all the homework he is doing now to have one in the house.. I am bringing the pencil's to work right now to sharpen them!Of course their decorative paper and stationary is to die for.. and this year they also have really cute mailing labels.. I make my Christmas cards every year and I was thinking about putting one of these labels on the envelope..

They also have great craft kits and DIY projects that I have used on more then one occasion and received rave reviews..especially their paperflowers.. I could go on and on... Paper Source if you are reading this.. oh when... oh when..are you going to put one in the AZ?!

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