Monday, August 20, 2012


I used Marthas recipe for a magically clean oven using baking soda..
reviews say it is amazing and has little work involved..
you mix baking soda with water to create a paste then slather it all over the inside of your oven.
Turn it to 350 for 10 minutes and then let it sit overnight..

my dirty oven before...

 my clean over after..

it did get it pretty clean..and there was no gross self cleaning oven smell... however the easy peasy wipe off part isnt exactly true.. I scrubbed it down pretty good with a rough sponge.. but now it is clean for whomever moves into our house..


Stephanie Rasmussen said...

Cool tip! I will have to try this next time. I hate the smell of most oven cleaners. In order to avoid cleaning the oven, Jason and I use an oven liner like this one: It is so worth every penny!

Good luck with the move!


Luke and Hailie Girl said...

that is awesome! I will have to get one of those for the new house :)