Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We got a house!

So life doesn't always go in the order you thought it would.
J and I were suppose to be getting married in California on November 3rd...
However, this house found us.. and we are in love..
So instead of paying for a wedding.. we are buying a house...much smarter investment I think.. as we don't need all the hoopla for a wedding.. we will just get married at the courthouse and celebrate in our new house!
Here are some quick snapshots.. we close on Sept 1st.. so it is moving fast..

 we are even going to have a front courtyard :)

this kitchen is my dream kitchen.. gas stove..huge.. love
we have a lot to do in the mean time.. There is going to be so much decorating fun to be had :)
Speaking of I am selling a lot of Luke's current stuff... Thought I would post it here first then I will do craigslist..
so if you are local and are interested in any of the below just shoot me an email

  Potttery Barn Kids Ship.. It sells for $150 new..  I am going to sell if for $50 SOLD
Ikea bed..sells for $99 new.. I am selling for $50 SOLD
Pottery Barn Kids pirate mast (letter L).. sells for $99.. I am selling for $50 SOLD
I have Luke's approval on all the above selling ;) I will be posting more as well in the near future..

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Biscuits 'N Gravy said...

Your house is GAWGEOUS!!! Love it and so happy for you!