Monday, March 19, 2012

postcard with love..

my sister sent me the cutest valentine this year.. I had told her about the finger painting idea I saw for babies.. You put paint on some paper and then put it in a freezer ziplock bag so that the baby can fingerpaint and squish it all around, but no mess to cleanup!
She had baby B do it (hard to believe my nephew is 10 months already) isnt he adorable!

His first finger painting was of course a masterpiece and she sent it out for valentines day..
I had to frame it..just used an old frame with no glass in it that I had laying around..

 a little black and bronze paint and some hot glue to affix it to the frame..
 and now his love day heart greets us by the front door :) makes me happy..


Melissa Salvatore said...

ahhhhh! love it!
That's my boy!

Mary Jo said...

oh so cute! That is a great idea for his painting! xoxo