Tuesday, May 17, 2011


that is what I am calling the first two weeks in May.. due to all the craziness that occured..
My baby sis had her baby!
Bennett... he is seriously so adorable..

when was he born you ask??
oh only on LUKES BDAY!  May 5th!

My baby turned 8!
He is so handsome and such a loving boy...

a couple days later I turned 35..  :( 
craziness ..I am trying to embrace it..
and it was Mothers Day..
so relaxing...Luke made me this card..

and Hailie picked me this flower...

 love being a mommy...

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Melissa said...

Love the title "mayziness"- I think that our family can trademark that word from now on.

Thank you for being a piece of the mayziness and Bennett couldn't be luckier than to share a birthday with his cousin Luke.