Monday, April 18, 2011

what is my problem??

I have a shredded cheese addiction..
I couldn't get my refrigerator cheese/meat drawer closed..
it frustrated me so I started pulling everything out..these were all stuffed in there..and this picture is just of the ones that were EXPIRED and MOLDY!.. I felt too ashamed to post all of them..
every time I go to the grocery store I never remember what I have so I just buy new and then get home and push the old stuff to the back and throw the new stuff in to use for recipes..
My name is Cara and I have a shredded cheese addiction.. I need help..


Ben and Heather Ashby said...

Oh my gosh I did the EXACT same thing today!!! I couldn't believe how much was stuffed in that freakin drawer! That's hilarious, I'm glad i'm not alone on this one.

Kurtzhals said...

You do know you can freeze cheese right? So when you buy it, get home and already have 3 mozz shredded bags, throw the new ones in the freezer :) I do it all the time!