Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the claw game..
you know the one..always sucks my kids in and then they never win anything..
not this time..not this claw game..hailie beat it..
my little girl put her dollar I was explaining to her one chance and no fits when she doesn't win..
she nods her head yes as her little hands start moving the claw.."mommy I want the monkey or the giraffe, they are the cutest"..
and then she hits the button and would you believe after I dont know how many times watching her loose and throw a fit..that claw picks up the monkey AND the giraffe and dumps them in the slide thingy..
she takes her animals and jumps up and down and laughs and screams with such happiness...
crazy I tell ya..

aren't they so creepy....I mean cute...

1 comment:

Kurtzhals said...

Look at that! I NEVER win.I mean EVER. My nephew always wins. I gave up because I'm not a gambler :)