Tuesday, February 2, 2010


we have been on the hunt for a new printer..
finally decided on the HP Photosmart wireless premium printer..
a bit pricey at $199 but seemed to be worth it for the quality..
it turned out to be hard to find, several Best Buys and online websites out of stock..
found that Staples had it for $124 on Sale... then they also had if you brought in any old printer you would get $50 applied towards a new printer..
small problem... no old printer
across the street to Good Will I went.. 50% off day (nice!).. 9.99 printer..half off..out the door for $4.88
back to Stables.. new printer in cart..checked out..on sale for $124..$50 credit for my Good Will printer.. out the door with the printer for $80 and some cents...
absolutely love it by the way

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Jen Hooge said...

GREAT thinking on going to the thrift store! Total score!